Mission and Vision

The Mission

California ACEP’s mission is to support emergency physicians in providing the highest quality of care to all patients and to their communities.

The Vision

California ACEP’s vision is that all people in California have timely access to high-quality emergency care, which is recognized as an essential public service. The emergency physician is the recognized leader and coordinator of a healthcare team capable of a comprehensive response to the medical needs of our patients and community. We promote and protect the personal and practice rights, safety, wellness and longevity of emergency physicians.

Revised and adopted by the Board of Directors, April 25, 2013

The Strategic Plan

Goal 1- Advocacy: Enhance Emergency Care

  • Support policy and legislation in California that improves emergency care.
  • Ensure that patients and their healthcare providers make healthcare decisions.
  • Position emergency medicine centrally in the future healthcare system.

Goal 2- Improve Quality, Patient Safety and Efficiency

  • Support education and research to improve the safety and efficiency of emergency care in California.
  • Ensure that all aspects of the integrated emergency care system and workforce provide the best quality and value for the community.
  • Promote community health, including injury and illness prevention.

Goal 3- Guarantee Adequate Resources for Emergency Care

  • Collaborate with similarly aligned organizations to shape and influence new payment methodologies to ensure fair payment for emergency care.
  • Guarantee that the emergency care system is adequately funded as an essential public service, and is supported to a sufficient capacity to respond to the needs of the community.
  • Ensure a sufficient workforce that is appropriately trained to meet the needs of the community.

Goal 4- Member Support and Engagement

  • Support promising early career California emergency medicine clinical and policy researchers.
  • Provide unique educational opportunities to California ACEP membership and other emergency care workers in California, and engage residents and new graduates.
  • Promote wellness, safety, longevity, and job satisfaction of all emergency physicians throughout their careers.
  • Effectively communicate the value of California ACEP.
  • Increase membership and improve retention.
  • Ensure organizational health through strategic planning, oversight, and the adoption of appropriate policies and procedures to allocate and expand chapter resources.