While California ACEP does not directly engage in political advocacy, it does sponsor the Emergency Medicine Political Action Committee (EMPAC), one of the strongest and best funded society political action committees in California. With over $1,000,000 raised since 2003, and a 90% success rate in the last two political election cycles, EMPAC has established itself as the leading political voice for emergency medicine. EMPAC relies upon the generous support of California’s emergency physicians to fulfill its mission of giving physicians and patients a voice in the political process.

You can contribute to EMPAC when you renew your ACEP dues, listed as ACEP CA Chapter PAC, or you can complete the EMPAC contribution form and mail it to the California ACEP office. Thank you for your support!
EMPAC Contribution Form

Emergency Medicine Political Action Committee

Wm. “Wes” Fields, MD, FACEP

Andrea Brault, MD, FACEP
Michael Bresler, MD, FACEP
Fred Dennis, MD, MBA, FACEP
Irv Edwards, MD, FACEP
Marc Futernick, MD, FACEP
Kevin Jones, DO
Mark Notash, MD, FACEP
Michael Osmundson, MD, MBA, FACEP
Chi Perlroth, MD, FACEP
Tom Sugarman, MD, FACEP
Gary Tamkin, MD, FACEP

Elena Lopez-Gusman, Executive Director
Kelsey McQuaid, Government Affairs Associate