Launch of new CURES database

CURES 2.0 Compatibility Issues

As a result of the concerns raised by providers about compatibility issues, the Department of Justice (DOJ) has changed their roll out schedule for CURES 2.0.

The DOJ will now implement a phased roll out of CURES 2.0 starting with a select group of providers who already use CURES and meet the CURES 2.0 security requirements. These providers will be contacted directly by the DOJ. In the coming months, the DOJ will transition additional providers to CURES 2.0 with the goal of universal adoption by January 2016.

To prevent thousands of CURES prescribers and dispensers from losing access when the new system is launched on July 1st, the DOJ has committed to keeping CURES 1.0 accessible until January 2016.

Based on communications with the DOJ, the California Medical Association has produced a summary of what CURES users should know about the launch of the new system, including updates on access and registration changes. This resource will be updated as new information comes in from the DOJ.  Please review the summary for changes you’ll need to make in your practice.

Please let California ACEP know if you have any concerns.

Register for CURES

Remember, providers must register for CURES prior to July 1, 2016.
Following the launch of CURES 2.0, all provider registration will be done electronically. Register for CURES here.

In August, the DOJ will be reaching out to those not currently enrolled in CURES with further information about the registration process.